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Create an at Home Spa Day!

I always do a Lymphatic massage with all my Sea Salt Facials, this is something you can do at home. Use the palms of your hands, applying gentle pressure to slowly stretch the skin down towards the lymph nodes of your neck, start at your forehead an then the rest of the face always bringing it down to the lymph nodes on the neck. Use ring finger around the eyes and use a very gentle rolling motion, take care around the eyes.

Create a customized homemade masque from bananas. its very simple mash it up to a smooth paste and apply to the face and neck. let sit for 20 minutes, it will leave your skin looking and feeling softer.

While the masque is on take this time to do your daily Deep Breathing, if you have essential oils use them while inhaling for a more relaxing effect. I love Lavender! I always end my facials with a Breathing Treatment with Lavender or Wild Orange. Both are wonderful for anxiety and help the body relax. I always ask the clients to rub the oils around the heart, perfect for some self Love.

If you have any questions just email me I will be happy to share any ideas I have with you.

If you want a Farm House Fresh masque or products, they will deliver it to your door

With Love


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