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Do Eyelash Extensions ruin your lashes?

It is very important to make sure you are going o someone who is a Lash Artist, Sarah Armstrong works with us and she customizes the Lash extensions on each individual eye lash. It takes time although your in great hands because she does not use pre- made clusters which are usually too heavy for your lashes and will pull them out.

She can create classic natural lashes or she can create dynamic volume, its what you want You will not leave unhappy your lashes will maintain their integrity and you will leave absolutely beautiful!

Thinking of Lashes, She's the GIRL!

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Sep 24, 2020

eyelashes extension is one of girls dream and it is also great girls should also be careful when engaging with that treatment if it is reliable or you're in good hands with experience and license because there are no space for mistake. Imagine ruining your lushes and going out without it. It is a nightmare. they have an expertise also for this treatment:

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