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Do you know someone alone or feeling Lonely?

We might not be able to be with love ones but if you know some one you love is alone, call them!

Actively Listen without any judgement it will make them them feel incredibly valued

Taking your time to talk to them will make that lonely person feel alive

Be Optimistic, make sure your a positive influence, negativity and sadness is everywhere right now in that time be as optimistic as possible.

Happiness and Laughter can be infectious so create that with them.

Help them set goals, it will give them positive things too focus on. Eating Healthy foods, hobbies or help them create new hobbies. follow up with them or create the goals together.

Build in that time each day to reach out to someone in need it will take that focus off of you and help someone more than you can imagine.

If your alone and need someone to talk to I am available, send me an email and I will call.



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