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Doing a Facial in these times

We have to obviously wear protective gear doing this time especially because your mask cannot be on during the steam, the esthetician has to be 6 feet apart so we give you a relaxing foot massage during this step so we are in the room making sure your comfortable but we are not close to the face.

Extractions can be part of the facial that is only done when the esthetician has protective gear on.

We use the LED light which is also a Hands Free service where we apply serums to penetrate through the epidermis and hydrate and heal the skin.

We apply a carboy treatment where it does a tremendous job rehydrating the skin, reducing wrinkles, lightens pigmentation and gives you skin a beautiful glow with out the Esthetician having to massage the serums and moisture into your skin.

A lot of the service are hands free although we massage the hands and feet always while wearing gloves and giving you that relaxing service and moisturizing the hands, arms, feet

After every service we disinfect the entire room before allowing anyone in.

We have found the skin vitally needs more moisture and cleansing due to the change of our lifestyle and using masks everyday.

We have changed our facial for your safety without losing a relaxing service.

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24 de set. de 2020

Thanks for taking an action regardless with this situation right now, This will assure clients safety and to ensure them that facilities are safe to get in. they also apply same precautions for their clients.

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