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Skin Care Tips that you can do at home

Lemon in water is vital to bring your body to its normal PH, it improves your entire body as well as your skin.

Basic skin care routine, Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. FHF is cost effective and you are using a pure, organic line that through recommendation can help with Dry Aging Skin, Acne and Sensitive skin

Masks are more than a luxury, they actually heal and hydrate the skin. FHF masks are food grade with peptides that leave your skin with a beautiful glow.

Remember through these times of wearing masks, it creates havoc on the skin, breakouts, and sensitivity so remember to use a basic skin regimen is vital to maintaining the PH of the skin.

If your struggling with with your skin, Facials can heal any challenges in one hour. Vanessa is offering $80.00 facials on Mondays.. you can book at We use barbacide, a dry sanitizer and ensure your safety at all times.


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