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Surrender with Love

Take your hands of the wheel and pray for what is in the highest good for all!

Focus on what is Thriving in your Life.

Obstacles are detours going in the right direction!

Look for the Silver Lining in this situation.

When you truly surrender and realize that you cannot control this situation, it will free you to grow and reduce your anxiety. Listen to podcasts, read inspiring books that will change your mindset and take away from the negative thoughts we are thinking and hearing.

Meditate, Help others, spend quality time with family, enjoy dinners with your family, create a Zen Room so you can release and renew.

Laughter is truly the best medicine!

Here is a list of some Spiritual leaders to listen to or to read, Echart Tolle, Pope Francis, Deepak Chopra, ,The Dalia Lama, Paulo Coelho, Utube Super Soul Sundays and FEED YOUR SOUL.

With Love,


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