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Surrounded by Love and Laughter

In this challenging time I have found myself surrounded by such a supportive group of people. I am truly blessed!

Sarah Armstrong, Chris Connor and Danny Burke work with me and check in on a regular basis, their positive energy is contagious. I can't Thank them enough!

My Fathers Wife Sheila Macomber sends daily reminders of Simple acts of kindness to the family, which keeps us all connected in our family and focused on what is truly important.

One of my best friends and neighbor Michael Lubach makes me belly laugh everyday and is such a positive influence in my life,

I receive beautiful emails and messages from clients and friends I truly feel so blessed!

Who has helped you through this time? Please Share!

Take some time today and feel this, it brings such happiness when we look at what we truly have and realize this time how much Love and Joy we have received. I look at this challenging time as a positive because it brings Family, Community together and we can enjoy the simple things that surround us,Love and lots of laughter!

With Love,


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