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Tonight is your Night!

Sundays have been such a busy day for Facials and Spa Services for us at Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio. Now that everyone's in quarantine and its Easter, most women are taking care of their families, cooking and keeping everyone happy and satisfied. Tonight give yourself space and create a beautiful Spa Experience, give yourself the love you deserve! We use Farm -house Fresh Products, they are primarily made up of food so Ive decided t learn about homemade treatments that you will Love to create.

Prep all ingredients throughout the day, set a time that you can reserve just for YOU! Prepare your bathroom and bedroom throughout the day with all the things you love. essential oils, candles, your favorite PJ's. favorite healthy snacks, moisturizers, aroma's.

Next mash 1 Avocado an a few Tbs. of honey and a full lemon. ( you can use iThe mask cold, room temp and heat just a little but do not over heat) , you will lose benefits- This is perfect for dry skin! it will create the most beautiful glow! Use it not only on your face, use remaining product throughout your body.. when ready to rinse, use clean cool water on your face and then a moisturizer. This can stay on throughout your bath.

Add a cup of Epsom Salt, Sea Salt to your bath , add bubbles if you love that experience.

Put on spa or meditative music to transport you int o a relaxing state

Things not to forget to have on hand and create the ambiance,

beautiful candles, or tea lights, soften the lightening and have a heating pad or blanket set up on your bed, Your room should be as ready as your bathroom it should be calming and ready for a beautiful sleep.

Have your wine or water infused with fruit, pineapple and raspberries are my favorite. infuse them all day. Have that at your bed stand before you even enter the tub so their is no work just tucking yourself into bed after a 30 minute soak minimum. Grab your fav book or just relax your entire body with deep breathing.

After your bath apply body moisturizer to your entire body while your skin is still moist, do some self massage on any stress areas that need a little attention. Make sure the bathroom temperature is warm so your comfortable. This is the time you use any of your favorite aroma or essential oils ..

This may not be at the same as the touch of a therapist, not as cleansing as a facial but you will feel like a New Woman! You will be able to give more of yourself through the Week.

I always here that woman feel like this is a luxury, it needs to be a way of Life!

Enjoy your Easter Day and have a magical night!

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