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We are Open with Systems in Place.....

We are luckily a small facility and we will only have max 2 to 3 Service Providers on at a time.

We sanitize after each service and client, we use barbacide for all our implements and we use facial masks in our treatment room. WE Will continue to sanitize the facility after each guest.

Please do not bring friends, family into the salon/spa unless everyone is having a service done.

We will continue to offer tea, it will be served in a disposable cups.

If you are compromised and can't leave your home Danny Burke will go to you. Your safety is our priority,

We will have the facility Professionally cleaned and we will be cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day

We are here to give you an incredible service, we have notched up what we already do to give you peace of mind so your experience is beyond your expectations.

If you have any concerns, questions, or to book your services,I am personally here to answer any of your questions.



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