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Be Present in the Moment

It is such a difficult time to be present! We are projecting in the future, looking at the past wishing we did things differently. REMEMBER THE PRESENT IS ALL WE HAVE RIGHT NOW, ITS A GIFT!

When your thoughts start to tale over, don't feel bad for what your thinking or try to shut it off just replace the thought with whats around you. look around at the present, hear the sounds, feel where you are.make sure your doing healing breathing and know that the only thing we have is the present.

Set your intentions, set positive goals, Deep Breathing, focus on your family and most importantly be good to yourself

Create a Poster Board- This is such a fun exercise-grab old magazines,, scissors glue, tape, paper or a poster and cut out Pictures, Words, things that resonate with your soul. be creative and have FUN! after you finish put it somewhere where you see it everyday and fill your thoughts with your intentions of what you want in your Life. Do this exercise with your family or do it in solitude.

Ask, Pray for help when your mind fills with fear, Listen to your intuition, a friend of mine calls on her angels, whatever feels right to you. have Faith!

Laugh- it is the best medicine!



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