Why Drink Water?

Lack of water accelerates aging Impairs memory, inability to focus, "foggy brain" Low Energy Excess hunger and cravings Tired old looking skin Anxiousness and irritability Constipation Headaches Joint and muscle stiffness Difficulty recovering from workouts. That being said, be conscious of drinking water, get your monthly Rezenerate Facials, Oxygenate your skin with Carboxy Treatments, use a healthy skin care that proves results like the Farm House Fresh line. #hair #lashes

Start the New Year off right with a Morning Tonic

one Lemon 10 ounces of Purified Water Tsp of High Quality Sea Salt These are the benefits, Vitamin C, Fights Inflammation, Balances Body Acidity, Boosts Immune Functions, Detox your Cells, Clears your Skin, Helps with Allergies, Better Sleep, Controls Blood Sugar, Freshens Breath, Reduces Blood Pressure, Hydrates your Body,Heart Healthy. Facials are essential although everyday care with a proper skin care regime and this simple tonic will keep your skin glowing in-between f

Fun Events Happening at Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio

August 23rd we are offering reduced pricing on Facials and Aroma Touch Treatments, reserve your time at 774-361-8410 August 23rd, Psychic readings by Marybeth Bruce, 20 minutes for $45.00 and one hour for 80.00 Mashpee Commons is having their annual Saturday Sideway Sales and John Young from John Young Gallery will be joining us this Saturday outside Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio. we will have lots of giveaways! Call for more details! Marybeth Bruce #lashes #facials #hair

How is your skin?

Do you need a Sea Salt Facial or a Mini Focused Facial ? Wearing masks have caused breakouts and at this time we haven't focused on our skin. A facial will hydrate, clean and give your skin a beautiful glow which is definitely needs at this time. Add a Carboxy Treatment and lighten pigmentation, reduce acne scarring and reduce those surface wrinkles. A must try and its amazing to see the results in one visit. #facials #lashes #hair

Brow Lamination

This incredible service tales your unruly thinning brow hair and smooths its out while also lifting the Hair in a more vertical direction. The end result is super smooth brows that look like you have brow gel on them. This is a game changer! add a beautiful eye brow tint Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio 4 North Street , Mashpee Commons 774-361-8410 #lashes #brows #facials #bbglow #hair

Tonight is your Night!

Sundays have been such a busy day for Facials and Spa Services for us at Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio. Now that everyone's in quarantine and its Easter, most women are taking care of their families, cooking and keeping everyone happy and satisfied. Tonight give yourself space and create a beautiful Spa Experience, give yourself the love you deserve! We use Farm -house Fresh Products, they are primarily made up of food so Ive decided t learn about homemade treatments that y


FIRST AND FOREMOST - ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO IS DRINK HOT DRINKS TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH MOIST AND WASHES ANY VIRUSES OUT! GREAT DEFENSE FOR THIS VIRUS! It promotes hydration- great for your skin, body and soul Good source of Vitamin C - helps product your cells from free radicals- protects cardiovascular. reduces at the risk of strokes and lowers your blood pressure It supports weight Loss, if your like me the refrigerator is calling Improves your skin! Aids in di

Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Dates offer Healing Support

I never eat dates but after reading the benefits, this will be something I start to do. The intestinal tract builds up mucus do to low hydrochloric acid . Dates expel mucus produced by pathogens such as bacteria. The sugar from the dates feed the liver, they are a great source of glucose for recovery and restoration that allows the liver to maximize its over 2,000 CHEMICAL FUCTIONS. Apples also provide living water, The fruit acids starve out the bacterial, yeast, and viruses

Its Healthy To Walk In The Rain!

The air is scientifically proven the air is cleaner and fresher The smell of rain has a calming effect The humidity is good for skin and health Rainy walks helps with acceptance-helps you give up on control and learn to to go about your life! Walks in rain burns more calories- colder weather burns more fat It can give you a different perspective - almost everything will look different on rainy days and gives you a different perspective of the world we are living in. It feel

Water Is More Precious Than Gold!

I always find myself telling my clients to drink water to hydrate their skin but it does so much more....... It Lubricates the joints. It delivers oxygen to the entire body it cushions the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues flushes the body's waste DRINKING adequate amounts of water helps to wash germs and viruses out of your immune system. snd keeps the body hydrated. Drinking warm water with lemon helps maintain the PH balance of the body, very important when fi

5 minute Immune Boosting Golden Milk

1 1/2 cups of light coconut milk or almond milk 1 1/2 tsp of ground turmeric 1/4 tsp of ginger 1 whole cinnamon stick 1 Tbsp of coconut oil 1 pinch of ground black pepper to activate turmeric sweeter of choice, maple syrup, honey, stevia add all ingredients to a small saucepan, whisk and warm over medium heat , do not boil. discard cinnamon stick and enjoy. Turmeric will keep your immune system strong, It heals your body! Turmeric is great for rosacea, eczema, and reduces

Flu Shot Smoothie

6 clementines juice of one lemon or lime a small handful of cilantro a big handful of spinach 1 frozen banana 2 cups of strawberries or blueberries a piece of ginger 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey 2 tablespoons of turmeric 1 cup of coconut or almond milk unsweetened This is also amazing for your skin, loaded with vitamin C Enjoy Joy #lashes #hair #facials

Castor Oil Remedies

Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio uses Schwarkoft hair products because they have built in bonds to strengthen hair and it compliments our Hair Color and lighteners. although in this time at home and your grey is coming in and your hair needs a treatment use Castor oil to condition and thicken your hair. after a shower, absorbs most of the moisture and then apply a small amount of warmed castor oil and comb it through and leave it on as a treatment. This will add shine and thickn

Release Fear into Love

Start each of your day with loving Prayer, Devotion or Meditation. The most important thing to cultivate is awareness in the NOW, not the past or future. Recognize the fear, see it as a energy outside of you, then in a neutral tone, speak to it saying "you do not have power over me" Do this whenever the fear or anger creeps into your days in isolation. When we focus on love, watch the magic begin in your life and the world.Share your love, be kind to others and to yoursel

Vision boards

A vision board is a visualization tool which refers to a board of any sort used to build a collage, words and pictures that represents your goals and dreams. Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind.They are affirmations and images of your dreams and goals, your destined to achieve them. By representing your goals visually it will stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation and your emoti

Surrounded by Love and Laughter

In this challenging time I have found myself surrounded by such a supportive group of people. I am truly blessed! Sarah Armstrong, Chris Connor and Danny Burke work with me and check in on a regular basis, their positive energy is contagious. I can't Thank them enough! My Fathers Wife Sheila Macomber sends daily reminders of Simple acts of kindness to the family, which keeps us all connected in our family and focused on what is truly important. One of my best friends and neig

Oh No the GREY is starting to show!

If any of you are like me the grey hair is staring to show! there are things you can do instead of reaching for the Box Hair Color. Go for the Root Spray or Powder, it works and its not permanent . Try a Different Hair style, it helps minimize the look of the grey Adjust the part of your hair, pick a new way of parting your hair. Embrace the grey, take this time to deep condition your Hair with your favorite hair conditioner leaving it in for at least 15 to 20 minutes or crea