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Castor Oil Remedies

Sea Salt Luxury Spa Studio uses Schwarkoft hair products because they have built in bonds to strengthen hair and it compliments our Hair Color and lighteners. although in this time at home and your grey is coming in and your hair needs a treatment use Castor oil to condition and thicken your hair. after a shower, absorbs most of the moisture and then apply a small amount of warmed castor oil and comb it through and leave it on as a treatment. This will add shine and thickness.

Treat Acne- If you or your teenagers have acne this is a perfect remedy. This is very effective for cystic acne and helps remedy acne -causing bacterial. I use Farm House Fresh products and they will ship right to your door although if you want a very effective treatment immediately . wash your face then apply castor oil to infected areas and leave on all night.

Not able to to get your Lash extensions done, take this time to thicken an grow your lashes, apply to a small amount to your lashes with a Q tip, leave on for 20 minutes, this works best if done everyday .This will give your lashes a boost until you can get in to get them filled. IT WORKS has a great Lash Booster as well.

Soothes Bug Bites and Stings offers both anti-inflammatory and Anti- bacterial properties.

I highly recommend Farm House Fresh Products for the body and face. Their treatments are the best on the market by far and they ship right to your door. if you need a consultation I will be happy to talk to you. They grow all of their ingredients and its Farm to Treatment. They are also affordable and smell and feel amazing.

Create Spa Days using simple things like Castor Oil, Epsom Salt , Essential Oils, infuse your drinking water with fresh or frozen fruit, I love the look and taste of strawberries an raspberries. Take time to do some Deep Breathing! This will renew your body and Soul.

With Love,


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