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Oh No the GREY is starting to show!

If any of you are like me the grey hair is staring to show! there are things you can do instead of reaching for the Box Hair Color.

Go for the Root Spray or Powder, it works and its not permanent .

Try a Different Hair style, it helps minimize the look of the grey

Adjust the part of your hair, pick a new way of parting your hair.

Embrace the grey, take this time to deep condition your Hair with your favorite hair conditioner leaving it in for at least 15 to 20 minutes or create your own with one Tablespoon of coconut oil, One tablespoon of honey and one Tablespoon of lemon juice.. you can add 10 drops of lavender as well. or simply use coconut oil. There is no way t to do this wrong as long as your using an oil base. Vitamin E. Jojoba oil, You can even mash up an Avocado . The thing to do is focus on the drier ends, comb it through.When your hair looks healthy and soft, its easier to embrace the grey hair.

If your getting bored create a beautiful space, and have an enjoyable, Mini Spa Days with your family or take this time for some Self Love!

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